Choosing The Best Food Processor – Part 1

There are countless uses for a food processor, and there are just as many different varieties available for purchases. It is important to select a processor that will perform the duties that you want most from it, as some have less power and capability. Do not be fooled by those who claim that a cheap processor will be able to complete the same functions that one of high quality will.

What to Look For in a Processor

Size is one of the first things to consider when purchasing a food processor. It is important to get one that is large enough for everything that you will want to use it for, and perhaps it is a smart idea to get one that is slightly larger than you think that you need. Smaller attachments can be bought to use with it. High power and speed are necessary for clean and consistent cutting. Choosing one that is designed for convenience is also important, or it will be difficult to use and clean.

Amazing Uses For Your Processor

Slicing and dicing are not the only functions of your food processor, and knowing the options helps you get the most out of your purchase. Though it does not create a smooth blend, your processor can be used to purée combinations of food. You can use a food processor to slice vegetables and fruit, dice potatoes, chop garlic, julienne carrots, and make bases for condiments and toppings. Food processors can make smoothly rising dough with the use of a short, plastic blade for folding.

Add Function with Attachments

Large processors are capable of working in small sizes, but many processors will also come with attachments for a smaller bowl and blade for more convenient chopping of small food items. Shorter blades, plastics blades, and angled blades can be purchased to use for specialized cutting techniques or blending. There are even attachments for using your food processor to whip cream or egg whites.

Purchasing a food processor that fits your specific desires will give you an invaluable kitchen tool for many years to come. While it may cost more for one of high quality, it is a purchase that is well worth the investment. Keeping it clean and storing it safely are both vital steps to ensuring that the lifespan of your food processor is a long and productive one. Blades can be sharpened or replaced as needed during regular maintenance of the processor, which should become regular practice.