Top 5 Kitchen Appliances Everyone Should Have

Kitchen-AppliancesWhen buyer a new home or even redecorating, one of the primary spaces in the home is the kitchen. Not only should one look at the spacial organization of the kitchen but one should also pay attention to the key appliances that one expects to use on a regular basis in the kitchen. Five of the key kitchen appliances will be discussed below with some creative ways one may use each appliance in the new age traditional kitchen.


The staple appliance in every kitchen has evolved to include many functions beside just storing food. There are a number of smart refrigerators on the market that have the ability to electronically keep track of the contents and provide you an list that can be linked with your smart tablet. Some come with a television in the front panel as well as a wifi link to your i-pad in case you want your next recipe read out to you aloud.


The oven range should be selected for function as well as style. Self cleaning units are a must these days and one should explore their preference including open flame ranges or heating elements.


The most used appliance in the kitchen by far should be selected for its capacity as well as its durability. Newer models also have run silent modes and provide easy to load capabilities.


Microwaves are just as popular as the ovens and are probably the main appliance for heating food. The other benefit is that it is safer for younger adults to use and provide parents with a peace of mind knowing that the worst a child could do would be to make a mess of the microwave.

Toaster/Toaster Oven

A popular breakfast item, the traditional toaster has evolved into a mini oven its self. Great for preparing quick bagels or french toast, it is a staple of the kitchen and should be selected for its range of heating as well as timing options.


Each one of the appliances mentioned above can be selected to be color coordinated with the kitchen decor or simply with each of the respective appliances. Functionality and personal preference should be the paramount driving element in the final choice though.