Expert Advice to Choose the Best Deep Fryer

Deep frying is a delicious way to prepare certain foods. The crisp texture is hard to beat. A lot of people use oil in a deep fry pan for frying foods and this can work very well. However, a deep fryer can be a very nice alternative, especially if you do a lot of deep frying.

There are drawbacks to frying with oil in a deep frying pan. First, the temperature can be very hard to control. Frying foods at a specific temperature is important because of frying time and the certainty that your food is done. Second, depending how big the frying pan you are using is the food may not fit properly. And third, the used oil must be stored or thrown away. This can be a messy and dangerous job. If you do decide to consider a home deep fryer there are several features to look at before purchasing.


A home deep fryer is about the size of a toaster oven. Consider size carefully as you want to have a deep fryer big enough to use but also one that fits on your counter or in your cupboard. Look for models with sturdy baskets and deep oil wells, and then think about the amount of clear counter space you have that is near an outlet. If you decide to store the deep fryer in a cupboard think about a way to protect your unit and how to keep the oil clean and covered.


Avoid models that have a simple on and off switch with no way to control the temperature. Also stay away from models that have only the temperature settings low, medium, and high. Look for units that let you set your oil to a specific temperature. Oil temperature is very important when frying food and you want a model that will keep your oil hot and at a certain temperature.


Consider your needs when deciding which deep fryer to buy. Will you be frying for one person or a whole family. Make sure you buy a fryer with the maximum capacity that you think you will need. A too small capacity will cause food to not cook properly.

New Innovations

Watch for new technology. Get the latest up to date features that deep fryers have to offer. For example, there is a fryer that will rotate food through the oil. This results in crisp food that doesn’t have as much residual oil.

It is essential to read the best deep fryer reviews on the type of frying equipment that you need in your kitchen.