Quick Tips for Buying a Power Bank Battery Charger

Technology is increasingly more important and having the ability to work at any location is important. With the multitude of electronic devices like laptop, tablets, and smartphones used for business, entertainment, and education it is essential to have the ability to work on a mobile device without interruption. Battery depletion is the primary source of interruption while working on a mobile device.

Power banks are vital in providing power for a depleted electronic device. Finding the best power bank for your needs requires research. Carefully consider these important factors when purchasing a power bank.

Price is Dependent on Battery Capacity

The price of a portable charger is in direct correlation to the mAh capacity it holds. A Milliamp-hour or mAh not only describes the capacity of a portable storage device. It also indicates the amount time a battery will last while power is being drawn. High capacity chargers of 12000 mAH are more expensive but have the ability to charge laptops, smartphones, and tablets more than once. Check the mAH specification’s on your mobile device before buying a power bank and purchase a power bank at least double the amount listed in the specification. This will allow your power bank to charge the device twice.

Batteries Affect the Price of a Power Bank

There are several types of batteries used in portable chargers: Lithium ion, Lithium Polymer, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Metal Hydride. The Nickel cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithum ion batteries are cheaper. The Lithium Polymer battery is more expensive but provides twice that charge.

Frames and Cases

The quality of the case chosen will affect the price. Aluminum cases and durable industry grade frames are more expensive. One because it weighs less and is easy to carry the other because of an increase in manufacturing cost.

Output Ports

The higher mAH of a portable charger will come with multiple ports. Multiple ports allow for charging more than a device at a time but this will be reflected in the price.

Add-ons Increase the Price

Not all portable chargers come with the same features. LED flashlight, built in hotspots, and LED displays are good features to have. Additional features are useful but the more features that are included in a power bank will increase the price.


Not all portable charging devices include an AC adapter in order to lower prices. Lower prices make the charging device more competitive in the portable charging device market. Purchasing an AC adapter will be an additional expense that the consumer will have to incur.


Accessories like charging cables are not included with the power bank and will incur an additional cost. However, Apple lightning adapters and travel pouches are included with the power banks.

With these quick tips, a consumer can find a power bank to suit their needs and never have to worry depleted batteries. A power bank is a valuable tool to have on hand and helps the consumer to continue using their mobile device.