Houseguest Rules To Live

HouseguestHow to be the Perfect Houseguest

Arrive on Time

Most people have a really tight schedule due to work and family life if you’ve agreed on an arrival time with your host be sure to arrive on time. Arriving on time shows you care. If you can’t avoid running late be sure to call or text your host ahead of time to let them know the time you expect to arrive.

Bring a Gift

In today’s modern world where etiquette and manners are often overlooked and disregarded bringing your host a gift is good etiquette. Though it doesn’t seem like it should be required bringing a small gift to your host show’s that you are thoughtful and have manners. The gift doesn’t have to be large or expensive. A nice box of chocolates or an inexpensive bottle of wine is appropriate. A thoughtful gift will be appreciated by your host.

Know the Rules

Not everyone runs their home the same way. People have different rules. This is especially true if you are staying with someone in a different country and they have a different culture. Ask your host the rules of the house. Some areas of the house may be off limits to guests and some non-smoking hosts may not appreciate a guest smoking inside their home. If you are unsure about what you can and can’t do ask your host.

Offer to Help

Having extra people in the house may cause a strain inside the house. Offer to help out where you can. It doesn’t have to be an offer to do an extensive cleanup. A simple offer to set the table, fold laundry, walk the dog, or run a quick errand can be extremely helpful.

Don’t Takeover Areas of the House

The host is doing you the favor of allowing you to stay in their house for a brief time. Be respectful of their property and don’t take over areas of the house. Keep the room where you are clean and tidy. Don’t leave your clothes or things lying about on the floor where someone might trip over them. Don’t take over common spaces like the couch, the living room, and don’t hog the T.V. Remember that you are a guest and your behavior affects everyone in the house.

Bring Everything You Need

The host of the house where you are staying will most likely provide clean sheets and towels during your stay but don’t expect your host to provide everything. Make sure to bring your own toiletries. This is especially important if you use a particular shampoo, body wash, or skin care products. Bring everything that you might need during your brief stay and make sure to leave everything as you found it.

Respect the House

This isn’t your home. Be respectful of your host’s home and don’t leave a mess anywhere. Follow the house rules and be polite. This will make you a good houseguest.