5 Best Wine Decanters For Red Wine Lovers


Decanter is a vessel used to hold a liquid decantation, which might contain sediment. To put it simply, the process of decanting is done in order to improve the wine. By decanting the wine, it allows wine to get separated with its sediment. The sediment would add a noticeable, bitter flavor if it is left mixed with the wine. Decanting can be done to both old and new wine, it would improve the quality and taste if done carefully, anyone who simply enjoys wine can use decanters. Here are some reviews of the best wine decanters in 2016.

1. Vinluxe PRO Wine Decanter

This product has gotten top ratings by the Wine World. This is because it is easy to use, and it offers a perfect glass of wine as a result. It features multiple aeration stages and it comes with a simple travel pouch as a bonus, which makes it convenient to carry it around when travelling.

2. Red Wine Aerating Pourer By HiCoup

The product was designed in consideration that it offers hands-free aerating because it does not sit over the wine bottle, but fitting over the wine bottle instead. As an addition, the design allows it to have a drip-free pouring. It has dual air chamber that allows more oxygen in effectively. It is also simple and easy to clean, you can just hand-wash it with warm water.

3. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

The design allows air bubbles to be injected directly to the wine, which releases aromas instantly. It features a tapered and ribbed rubber stopper which will prevent the wine from dripping. It is also to clean, just detach the pieces and rinse it with hot water.

4. Wine Aerator Decanter by Teika

This product is easy to use, even for beginners. The design allows it to have a fast process, it is aerated instantly when you pour it in a glass of wine. It has 32 holes drizzle plate. It is also made of acrylic and comes with a stand.

5.Wine Aerator Decanter Pourer by Veeno

The design of the product prevents wine from dripping and as an addition, it is really simple to use. The product can improve the texture and aroma of your wine almost instantly when you were pouring it to a glass.


Those are the best wine decanter in 2016. Most of them have the anti-dripping, fast and efficient features and they are designed beautifully, travelling pouch included. Decanting your wine is now a simple, fast and easy process, and it really improves the quality of your wine.

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