Popular Kitchen Aprons With Pockets

Aprons come in all shapes and sizes to fit the needs and figures of all chefs. However, as a woman, you may require something more of an apron than just a great fit. Feminine, flirty, or even sexy, women want to cook and they want to look great while they are doing it. When shopping for aprons, you may wonder which apron features the best of both form and function. Read below about some of the most popular aprons on the market to find out.

Hyzrz Women’s Apron With Pockets

The fashionable, yet practical and cute, Hyzrz women’s apron is made of a stain resistant polyester-cotton material. The ties at the waist and adjustable neck strap make it possible for the apron to fit a variety of sizes. However, the apron is recommended for a slimmer woman of a medium height.

Cupcake Multicolored Cotton Canvas Apron

Made from durable 100 percent cotton canvas, the oil-proof and stain-resistant fabric holds up well with use while being stylish. The well-made apron will appeal to anyone who enjoys craftsmanship. Additionally, the large front pocket is great for storing cell phones, keys, or kitchen utensils.

ProChef Apron With Pockets

Made from a durable, lightweight premium fabric, the unisex apron holds up against stains and wrinkles. Guaranteed not to shrink or rip, the apron includes double pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and long ties, giving a great fit for chefs of all heights and sizes.

Adjustable Bib Apron With Pockets

This unisex apron is made from a poly/cotton blend, is wrinkle-resistant, and fade-proof. Easy to clean, the utilitarian apron comes with an adjustable neck strap and oversized ties that make it easy to secure around the front. A true workhorse in the kitchen, the apron fits most sizes, comes with large front pockets, and provides great overall coverage from spills and stains.

Now Designs Basic Cotton Kitchen Chef’s Apron

This comfortable 100 percent cotton apron ties at the waist and features an adjustable neck strap for that perfect fit. The cloth that makes if the chef’s apron was woven on an oversized loom and is generous in width, making it the perfect choice for both men and women of any size. The apron features large front pockets for easy storage of cooking utensils and recipe cards.

DII Printed Cotton Unisex Kitchen Apron

One size fits most with the ample fabric, extra-long straps, and large front pocket of this fun and functional kitchen apron. Made from 100 percent cotton, this machine-washable apron is great for daily use.

Neoviva Cotton Kitchen Apron

The 100 percent cotton Neoviva kitchen apron offers chefs a fun and feminine style that includes three layers of ruffles and a lovely oval pocket in the front. Boasting long waist ties, the floral apron is able to fit most women, but works especially well for those petite in size.

Premium Kitchen Apron For Men And Women

This highly functioning apron fits both men and women of all sizes. The adjustable neck and waist straps comfortably secure for a range of fits. The impeccable construction of this apron’s heavy-duty fabric makes it a great candidate for everyday wear. The well-designed apron features several pockets that are thoughtfully placed and are the perfect size for your cell phone, small recipe book, or utensils.

Angeka Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron

This 100 percent cotton waterproof, stain-resistant, and oil-proof apron will always look its best. Easy to clean, the canvas apron comes in a number of fun colors and styles for ladies who wish to be beautiful while baking or cooking. The large front pocket makes it easy to store needed materials while making magic in the kitchen.

DII Gourmet Chef Apron

Ideal for chefs or novices in the kitchen, the DII gourmet chef apron will keep you clean, free of grease spatters, and stain free. Presented in a range of colors and striped patterns, the simple design and bold colors of this apron are pleasing. The size of the apron fits most men and women. Additionally, the 100 percent cotton fabric is easy to wash and maintain.

As you can see, there are many styles to choose from when buying an apron. When choosing an apron, consider factors such as how often you will wear the apron, your height, your size, and whether you prefer form over function. For instance, professional chefs or those who cook often will need an apron that can withstand constant use. Aprons like the DII apron, the Premium kitchen apron, the adjustable bib apron with pockets, and the ProChef apron with pockets can easily handle heavy-duty usage. If you plan on wearing your apron every once in a while or for special public appearances, than decorative aprons such as the Neoviva cotton kitchen apron or the Angeka kitchen apron may work better for your purposes. However, for an apron that truly combines form with function, the Now Designs basic cotton kitchen chef’s apron receives the highest marks. Available in a variety of patterns, the cute apron is perfect for everyday use.

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Select the Perfect Standing Coat Racks

Here is list of some unique and one of a kind standing coat racks. These coat racks are beautiful and would make a great addition to your home. They can be used for an office, bedroom, or hallway. Standing coat racks are perfect for keeping your home from getting messy and out of hand. I love these coat racks!

The first product is the 1 X Black Metal Walnut Wood Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack. This coat rack is wood and metal and is designed with 9 small and large racks for coats and hats. Simple assembly is required. This coat rack is simple and adorable!

The next coat rack is the Roundhill Furniture Vassen Coat Rack with 3-Tier Storage Shelves, white finish. This coat rack is not only stylish, but it was built for storage also. This coat rack is white so that it can blend in with any decoration. It was made with three storage shelves. This rack was also made with silver hooks on the top designed for scarves and hats. This coat rack was made with durable wood, and it great for extra storage.

Kings Brand Black Finish Wood Coat Rack Stand is absolutely beautiful. This coat rack was made with real wood and the black finish gives it a beautiful look. This rack also comes with 6 pegs and is very sturdy. It is a great product!

The Songmics Metal Coat Rack Purse Rack Hall Tree With 16 Rotating Plastic Hooks Espresso URCR19Z is unique and one of a kind. This rack was designed sturdy with 4 legs with 4 rubber adjustable feet so that it stays balanced, and to protect your floors. This product is easy to set up, and the best part is that you don’t need tools! There are 8 small hooks on the top, and 6 larger ones on the body. The hooks are adjustable and you can control the height of this rack. The hooks are removable and you can choose where to assembly them. This coat rack is high quality.

The Kings Brand Black Metal Corner Entryway Hallway Rack With Bench & 6 Hooks is the next coat rack. This is an absolutely fantastic coat hanger. This coat rack was made with a shelf a bench seating. It is metal and the seat is microfiber. It was built with 6 hooks. This coat rack is very stylish and would be a great finishing touch to your home!

The next coat rack is the SONGMICS Metal Coat Rack Free Standing Display Hat Rack Hall Tree Black URCR18B. This free standing coat rack is durable and features caps on each of the pipes to protect your clothes and floors. This coat rack was made with 12 hooks to hang your coats and garments. This coat hanger is classic and beautiful.

The Addison 67″ Free Standing Metal Coat Rack – Stainless Steel, CR37-354403 is made of stainless steel and is very durable. This coat rack was made with 6 metal hooks, and the rack has a steel brushed finish look. It would be the perfect touch for an office, hallway, or bedroom!

The Cortesi Home CH-CR420740 Lava Coat Rack With Marble Base, Chrome/Dark Walnut is stunning. It was made with a marble base and is very stable. This product is great for families because the hooks are child proof. There are also multiple hooks for coats and garments. The coat rack was made with dark walnut wood, and is beautiful!

The next coat rack is the Coat Stand Wood and Metal (EXPRESSO). This coat rack is metal and wood. There are 20 hooks altogether which is perfect for more storage and less of a mess. This coat rack is unique and very sturdy.

The next coat rack is beautiful! The Homelegance Deluxe Hall Tree with Umbrella Rack. Oak Finish is an oak finished wood rack with 6 hanging hooks and an umbrella rack. It would look beautiful with any home decor. This coat rack is also available in cherry and natural finishes. This coat rack is unique and stunning!

Cocktail Muddlers – The Best Barware for Making Cocktails at Home

Every serious host has to have a muddler to make cocktails, and you can get one of these online. Pick the one out of this list that looks best, and you can muddle anything you need.

Professional Cocktail Muddler And Bar Spoon

The Professional Cocktail Muddler and Bar Spoon are going to give you the tools you need to make any kind of drink you, and both of them are going to sit in the drawer until you are ready to have another new drink. You can clean them off easily, and you will be able to get to work on the next drink. The bar spoon may be small for some drinks, but it is still very helpful.

Basily Basily Premium Muddler

The Basily Basily Premium Muddler has a stainless steel handle, and the tip has nubs that look like they came from a meat tenderizer. This is going to help you when you want to get all the oils out of your ingredients, and you can clean it off in a second.

The Bru Joy Cocktail Muddler

The Bru Joy Cocktail Muddler has a molded tip that has ridges that are going to help you muddle everything very well, and you will not have to work as hard to get the work done. You will get the oils from the things that are in the glass, and the muddler will come clean just after use.

Drink Muddler By Barvivio

The Drink Muddler by Barvivo is a nice tool for preparing all your drinks, and you can keep it in a drawer for the next time that you make a nice set of drinks. The tip of the utensil is easy to clean, and the stainless steel handle will never blemish. You may not get the power you need, but you can muddle almost anything you need for a drink.

Cocktail Muddler With Grooved Nylon Handle

This cocktail muddler with the grooved nylon handle is going to be much easier for you to use because you can get a good grip on it, but you might feel a little uncomfortable with the grooves against your hand. You need to try this muddler because the molded tip is easy to use, and you need to see if you feel comfortable holding the handle as you work.

Any choice on this list is going to be superb, but you must make sure that you pick the one you can use and clean easily. A muddler that fits your hand will make all your drinks taste better.


How to Muddle Cocktails

Cocktail Basics

Quick Tips for Buying a Power Bank Battery Charger

Technology is increasingly more important and having the ability to work at any location is important. With the multitude of electronic devices like laptop, tablets, and smartphones used for business, entertainment, and education it is essential to have the ability to work on a mobile device without interruption. Battery depletion is the primary source of interruption while working on a mobile device.

Power banks are vital in providing power for a depleted electronic device. Finding the best power bank for your needs requires research. Carefully consider these important factors when purchasing a power bank.

Price is Dependent on Battery Capacity

The price of a portable charger is in direct correlation to the mAh capacity it holds. A Milliamp-hour or mAh not only describes the capacity of a portable storage device. It also indicates the amount time a battery will last while power is being drawn. High capacity chargers of 12000 mAH are more expensive but have the ability to charge laptops, smartphones, and tablets more than once. Check the mAH specification’s on your mobile device before buying a power bank and purchase a power bank at least double the amount listed in the specification. This will allow your power bank to charge the device twice.

Batteries Affect the Price of a Power Bank

There are several types of batteries used in portable chargers: Lithium ion, Lithium Polymer, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Metal Hydride. The Nickel cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithum ion batteries are cheaper. The Lithium Polymer battery is more expensive but provides twice that charge.

Frames and Cases

The quality of the case chosen will affect the price. Aluminum cases and durable industry grade frames are more expensive. One because it weighs less and is easy to carry the other because of an increase in manufacturing cost.

Output Ports

The higher mAH of a portable charger will come with multiple ports. Multiple ports allow for charging more than a device at a time but this will be reflected in the price.

Add-ons Increase the Price

Not all portable chargers come with the same features. LED flashlight, built in hotspots, and LED displays are good features to have. Additional features are useful but the more features that are included in a power bank will increase the price.


Not all portable charging devices include an AC adapter in order to lower prices. Lower prices make the charging device more competitive in the portable charging device market. Purchasing an AC adapter will be an additional expense that the consumer will have to incur.


Accessories like charging cables are not included with the power bank and will incur an additional cost. However, Apple lightning adapters and travel pouches are included with the power banks.

With these quick tips, a consumer can find a power bank to suit their needs and never have to worry depleted batteries. A power bank is a valuable tool to have on hand and helps the consumer to continue using their mobile device.

5 Best Wine Decanters For Red Wine Lovers


Decanter is a vessel used to hold a liquid decantation, which might contain sediment. To put it simply, the process of decanting is done in order to improve the wine. By decanting the wine, it allows wine to get separated with its sediment. The sediment would add a noticeable, bitter flavor if it is left mixed with the wine. Decanting can be done to both old and new wine, it would improve the quality and taste if done carefully, anyone who simply enjoys wine can use decanters. Here are some reviews of the best wine decanters in 2016.

1. Vinluxe PRO Wine Decanter

This product has gotten top ratings by the Wine World. This is because it is easy to use, and it offers a perfect glass of wine as a result. It features multiple aeration stages and it comes with a simple travel pouch as a bonus, which makes it convenient to carry it around when travelling.

2. Red Wine Aerating Pourer By HiCoup

The product was designed in consideration that it offers hands-free aerating because it does not sit over the wine bottle, but fitting over the wine bottle instead. As an addition, the design allows it to have a drip-free pouring. It has dual air chamber that allows more oxygen in effectively. It is also simple and easy to clean, you can just hand-wash it with warm water.

3. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

The design allows air bubbles to be injected directly to the wine, which releases aromas instantly. It features a tapered and ribbed rubber stopper which will prevent the wine from dripping. It is also to clean, just detach the pieces and rinse it with hot water.

4. Wine Aerator Decanter by Teika

This product is easy to use, even for beginners. The design allows it to have a fast process, it is aerated instantly when you pour it in a glass of wine. It has 32 holes drizzle plate. It is also made of acrylic and comes with a stand.

5.Wine Aerator Decanter Pourer by Veeno

The design of the product prevents wine from dripping and as an addition, it is really simple to use. The product can improve the texture and aroma of your wine almost instantly when you were pouring it to a glass.


Those are the best wine decanter in 2016. Most of them have the anti-dripping, fast and efficient features and they are designed beautifully, travelling pouch included. Decanting your wine is now a simple, fast and easy process, and it really improves the quality of your wine.

Learn More Wine Culture:

Entertain in style with the Georgia Peach Mason Jar Dispenser

DispenserIf you’re looking for a way to make quenching the thirst of your guests this summer more inviting, look no further than the Georgia Peach Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser. With a classic style reminiscent of summertime picnics, this beverage dispenser is sure to be a hit at your next party. Serve your favorite beverages in style whether it be a flavored tea, punch, sangria, or summer beer. The possibilities are endless!


Drawing upon warm memories of yesteryear, this dispenser is crafted to resemble a Mason jar, which was traditionally used for storing fresh fruits and jams, but has become increasingly popular as a trendy item to serve and drink from. The tin screw on lid finishes off the look while keeping your beverages fresh and free from outside debris. Matching drinking jars are also available (sold separately).


Made from an incredibly durable glass, this high quality dispenser will last through innumerable parties and picnics. Imagine the sun glistening off the glass as you and your guests enjoy conversation and drinks. The glass is also less likely to stain unlike its plastic counterparts, and can be easily washed with soap and water.


The black decorative metal stand that is included raises the dispenser 6” from table to spout, leaving plenty of room to comfortably place your glass and fill it without having to hold it at an awkward angle. This allows you to place the dispenser anywhere you like instead of having to opt for the edge of the table. Use it as the centerpiece to your banquet without having to worry about it being knocked off.


This dispenser holds 2 full gallons of your favorite punch or tea and measures 12x7x7. Instead of having to constantly refill the jar, it has the capacity to serve many people without constant trips to your preparation area.


The easy pour spigot which matches the lid is not only beautiful in design, but will ensure that you can fill your cup without having to worry about leaks and spills.

Whether you are hosting an outdoor barbeque, an indoor reception, or a relaxing evening on the porch with your loved ones, this Georgia Peach Mason Jar beverage dispenser is sure to delight guests of every age, while giving you the freedom to enjoy your the company of your guests. It’s a great way to invite conversation as you swap recipes of your favorite concoctions.

Variety is the Slice of Life – The Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Slicer

There are so many electric slicers available it is hard to determine which one will meet your needs. The Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer has the power and features to meet even the most discerning gourmet’s requirements.

120 Watts of power

This slicer is constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel. 120 watts power a high torque motor that is engineered to run cool.

Thick or thin?

The Chef’s Choice 615 features a seven inch stainless steel blade giving you the ability to slice items as thick as three quarters of an inch or as thin as meat from your local deli.

Meats, cheese and more

The multi-purpose seven inch blade on the slicer allows you to slice meats, cheeses, breads, and vegetables.

Easy to use

The Chef’s Choice 615’s design allows the slicing mechanism to extend out from the motor. The food carriage is slightly tilted. This allows you to slice directly onto serving trays and platters. The large food carriage is able to accommodate large meats such as hams and roasts.

Easy to clean

The design of the Chef’s Choice 615 allows you to easily remove and clean all of the parts that come in contact with food.

Benefits of the Chef’s Choice 615

  • 1. Sturdy construction and powerful engine.
  • 2. Ability to slice a variety of foods.
  • 3. Controlling portions controls your budget.
  • 4. Easy clean up.

Concerns about the Chef’s Choice 615

Any food slicer poses an inherent risk. This is not an appliance that should be used by children or when you are preoccupied with other tasks. Chef’s Choice has gone to great lengths to make the model 615 slicer as safe as possible. Features such as an intermittent on and off switch and safety button effectively lock the food carriage in place when not in use to prevent access to the blade. The food pusher and deflector help keep your hands clear of the blade while slicing.

Customer reviews of the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer are overwhelmingly favorable rating it a score of four and a half out of five. People were pleased with the ease of use and cleaning. They also liked the size and weight of the machine.

Whether you are a gourmet chef or trying to stretch the family food budget the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer will help you create delicious meals and snacks that even the most particular foodie will rave about.


Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Green

Do you know you can help keep the planet clean and also safe for the coming generation right from your kitchen? By using Eco-friendly products, you decrease pollution, destruction of forests and they are better for your health. The Green kitchen products can be of great help.

Induction Cooktop and Composite Pail.

Induction cooktop is more energy efficient than gas or electric burners. While other cooking methods heats the base of the pot,it heats food within the pot. The Fagor’s cooktop helps the kitchen stay cooler and is used outdoors. Why throw away food scraps that end up producing methane while you can use them for your composite? Use the attractive and renewable bamboo pail that has both carbon filters, so there are no odors, and also dish washer-safe inner lining.

PFOA-free Nonstick Pan and Bamboo Cooking Utensils.

The Swiss Diamond nonstick pans do not contain Perfluorooctanic Acid (PFOA), a chemical used in production of many nonstick coating. The manufacture of such pans makes the chemical available in the environment. The Swiss pan is made up of a substance that makes it resistance to scratching thus lasts longer. Save a tree by using the ” spoontulas” which are heat and stain-resistant and can stir, spread and scoop. Unlike wood, the bamboo can be planted and harvested quickly.

Pressure cooker and soda maker.

Pressure cooking saves you 70 percent of your time compared with other conventional methods and saves up on gas and electricity. The soda maker on the other hand, makes you avoid artificial flavors and chemicals. It cuts down garbage and saves up on bottling and transportation. Sodastream Jet soda maker has re-usable plastic bottles.

Recycled Cutting Board and Spaghetti Scrub.

The recycled cardboard layered with resin is tough, knife friendly and sturdy. You save a tree by using the light-weight board. Every cent counts,use an efficient scrub made from natural and recycled materials. The spaghetti scrubs rely on corn cobs or powdered peach pits to scrub bowls, pots,surfaces and pans.

Recycled Plastic Mixing Bowls and Organic cotton Dishtowels.

There are nesting bowls which are durable, 100 percent recyclable and made up of recycled plastics. They have an easy-to-grip handle and have a spout for pouring. A kitchen is never complete without dishtowels. The organic dishtowels are made of cotton grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

Individuals have a responsibility to ensure they manage environment as these does more good. It is essential to use reusable, recyclable and energy efficient products.

Hack a Toaster Oven for Reflow Soldering – The Convection Option

Toaster ovens are becoming more and more popular these days and for very good reason. There are several key factors that make the toaster oven so appealing, and understanding them will help when deciding on whether or not to use one in your home. The following is a list of the most important facts about toaster ovens and they will cover both the pros, as well as the cons, of purchasing one for yourself.

One of the biggest benefits to using a toaster oven is its energy saving ability. The average toaster oven will function properly on 1,500 watts of power whereas the average electric oven needs 7,500 watts of power if it is to operate normally. Keep in mind however, that a standard toaster will function on 900 watts of power, so preparing your morning toast might be better done in the toaster. However, cooking a roast for dinner can easily be accomplished in a toaster oven, and energy will be saved in the process.

The Space Issue

There is no question when it comes to the toaster oven’s ability to save on space. A toaster oven is typically 1/4 the size of a standard oven and that can be very important when dealing with a small kitchen. This also makes the toaster oven very portable which means that it can easily be moved back and forth between storage and counter top, as needed. Keep in mind however, that a toaster oven should never be setup against the wall as it can get very hot in that area.

The Maintenance Issue

Maintaining a toaster oven is much easier than maintaining the standard size oven, as long as it is done properly. Make sure that the oven is cooled down completely before cleaning it. Check for a nonstick coating on the inside of the oven. If a nonstick coat is present, use soap and water to clean it out. Strong chemicals can eat away at the coating, removing it permanently. Keep in mind that most toaster ovens have a removable tray at the bottom that is used to catch crumbs. Simply remove the tray, empty the crumbs, wipe out the tray and place it back into the appropriate slot.

The Convection Option

While the next fact isn’t standard in all toaster ovens, it is typical in many. Convection ovens have always been something to be desired by those who frequent the kitchen, but they have always been very expensive. Many toaster ovens now include a convection option which simply means that the owner of a toaster oven will have easy access to a portable convection oven as well. Anyone who knows what a convection oven is capable of knows that cooking times can be cut in half when a convection oven is used properly. Keep in mind however, that using the convection oven option will require definite adjustments to the cooking time, and technique, if food is to be prepared properly.

Good Meat Slicer for Home Use

Food-SlicerA meat slicer is a great way to save money and time when cooking. When you buy roasts or large cuts of meat you can slice the meat prior to freezing. This way you plan can use the meats for several meals. When freezing large batches of vegetables it helps to slice tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables for easy packing. A meat slicer shaves ham and other meats or poultry thin for serving at dinner instead of using a carving knife.

The Chefs Choice International 627 VariTilt Food Slicer tilts to make it easy to slice meats and cheese. The special 30 degree tilting lets you slice fruit, bread, and vegetables with ease. The 7 inch stainless steel blade is easy to clean and remove for consumers. The thickness knob adjusts letting you slice thin to a thickness of about 3/5 of an inch. It is not recommended to clean parts in the dishwasher. It comes with a plastic tray for food when slicing.

Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer is a made with of stainless steel and cast iron for durability. This machine has a 150 watt motor that gives its power to slice meats, cheese, and vegetables. The blade is very sharp and slices meats extra thin when desired.. It is easy to clean with a wet cloth. Some parts have to be removed using a screw driver. Plastic parts may be needed to be replaced.

Chefs Choice 610 Food Slicer is made of with aluminum and stainless steel. It has a high powered motor and seven inch steel blade that slices thin to 3/4 inches thick. It is a large size and has the capacity to tilt giving you fast accurate slicing. All parts are easy to remove and clean. It is classified as a premium food slicer. It easily slices extra large roasts, or hams with ease.

MamiMatic EMT-503 Elite Gourmet Food Slicer is made of die cast aluminum and is black. This model slices cold cuts, meats, cheese, and vegetables very thin or up to 1/2 inch thick. It has a 75 inch steel blade that is easy to remove. This model has a food tray for food items when slicing. The plastic parts break and may need to be replaced. Overall this works well for common food items. It is easy to clean.

Chef Choice 615 Premium Food Slicer is made of stainless steel and cast aluminum. The stainless steel blade slices thin and up to 3/4 inches thick. All parts are easy to to remove for cleaning. It is easy to use to slice meats or cheese for large trays or platters. A serving tray is included with this machine. It slices large roasts and hams with ease for holidays and entertaining. It is easy to clean and take apart.

A electric food slicer is a handy tool for home cooks that want to prepare meats and vegetable to freeze. The added bonus is that it slices the food thin for various recipes.