De’Longhi 2.2 lb Cool-Touch Roto Deep Fryer

De-LonghiDoes the thought of a deep fryer for your kitchen sound messy to you? Have you tried a home fryer and thought, no thanks? As much as you may like fried food for special occasions, the mess can make you order out! Splattered oil all over the kitchen is simply not a draw for busy families, and when you are entertaining, the very last thing you need is more mess! But, now you really have no excuse. There is a product, the De’Longhi 2.2 Roto Deep Fryer, that will completely change your mind about home-based deep fryers. Check out the following amazing features!

Closed unit

Since it is a closed unit, the clean up does not feel so overwhelming. And the clean oil draining system makes the whole process a breeze. Not an easy thing to say after my history with attempts at fried foods! All you need to do is pull out the attached hose that is stored in the front of the fryer and then drain the used oil into an oil collecting container. Easy, safe and not even a fraction of the messy ordeal I used to deal with when cooking fried treats.

Filtration system

There is a dual filtration system complete with replacement filters to aid in cleanup. The filtration also does wonders for the lingering odors of frying food at home. This perk is easy to miss if you have never attempted fried foods at home. If you have, then the difference is amazing. Now you can actually surprise your friends with a yummy selection of fried foods without letting the odors give it away first!

Safety features

Aside from easy clean up and odor free cooking, safety is another big concern with frying foods. Thankfully with this unit there is nothing to worry about. The non-slip feet and cool touch exterior calm my fears and the nifty magnetic cord is a wonderful feature. If the cord is ever pulled on by a child, or snagged by a clumsy cook, it detaches easily.

Temperature controls

Being able to easily set the thermostat between 300 and 370 degrees means your food will turn out just the way you expect each and every time. If you want to check on the foods while cooking, just peak into the windowed lid to view the progress.

Compact enough

Although this unit has a generous 2.5 pound capacity, it is compact and takes up little room on your counter. But if you do need to move the unit, the stay-cool exterior walls and handy side handles are completely safe to touch, even while frying your favorite foods.

Great gift idea

When you need to find a gift for that hard to by young adult or family that has everything, this is the perfect idea. Wrap it up with a few dishtowels and it will be a guaranteed hit! College kids and empty nest adults alike will enjoy this unique gift. It will be like giving them an ongoing gift of inexpensive treats! Egg rolls, onion petals, french fries and even concoctions like fried Twinkies can be popped in the unit for impressive meals every time. And every time they enjoy their delicious food, they will think of you!

Overall, the De’Longhi 2.2 lb Roto Deep Fryer is well worth the price. It is a sturdy, value packed unit that will quickly pay for itself with the money you will save from not have to order for take-out. Try new recipes, experiment with fun party foods and all without the mess or hassle of typical home frying methods.

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