Petite And Powerful Dishwasher

Space at a premium? There’s no need to fret, SPT has a countertop dishwasher that will revival any full-size machine. Compact yet spacious, petite but nonetheless powerful, this dishwasher can accommodate up to six place settings and deal with those dirty dishes with precision and ease. It’s the perfect solution when dishpan hands are just not an option!

Check out the SPT Countertop Dishwasher, then fall in love with it!

Impressive Inside and Out!

The trendy eye-catching silver finish will compliment any kitchen. The stainless interior complete with a well-equipped spray arm is attractive and functional. Just stack the included dish rack and silverware basket and it’s ready to go!

Multiple Cycles

Again this pint-sized dishwater (only 17.24 inches high) mimics its full-sized counterpart and presents with 6 wash cycles. Whatever the load, it’s covered.

Installation’s A Breeze!

Just connect the included faucet adapter to the sink and it’s ready to work. The controls are designed for easy use; select the proper setting and you’re done. The automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser will take it from there.

Cost Effective

This miniature wonder is Energy Star certified. This denotes high standards; superior efficiency and upgraded environmental standards aid in saving money while operating.

Space Saver

Last but not least, it’s designed to make its home right on the kitchen counter. It’s great for studio and dorm apartments, offices, and any space limited area. It’ll slide under most upper cabinets, right next to the sink.

The Pros And Cons Of It All!


  • 1. It’s sturdy.
  • 2. Cleans proficiently in water temperatures of up to 148°F.
  • 3. Has a pots and pans cycle.
  • 4. Premium performance, pint-sized package.
  • 5. Saves money, operating at less than $24 per year.


  • 1. Must be loaded properly; follow instructions precisely.
  • 2. It’s advised to attach hose after water is hot; be sure to let water run until heated.
  • 3. Heavy when removing from box; enlist help.

Customers Adore It!

The SPT Countertop Dishwasher received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers shared comments like super clean dishes, spotless, perfect…exactly what I was looking for! Close to three quarters of owners rated it 5 stars!

If you’re short on space, this is for you. You can look forward to saving time, money, and energy. It’ll allow the job to get done efficiently and effectively. Over 70% of SPT Countertop Dishwasher owners can’t be wrong when they say, I just love this machine!

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